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The 2022: SO Much To Do Quiz!


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What is it all about?

Get your team pumped and ready to rock and roll as we take you on a rollercoaster ride around the world celebrating the most exciting things to look forward to this year! Do you know your World Cup from your Waterloo? This multiple-choice quiz is tailored to bring your team together and get them excited for what 2022 brings! Crush those questions, plan those viewing parties, and have a great time grouping together in this accessible, fun, and engaging quiz! And it can also be played with pencil and paper or using the SpeedQuizzing Live app on your smartphone

What Are You Doing

2021 was SO last year... As 2022 rockets us forwards with new adventures, it’s time to party as we mean to go on – optimistic, energetic and ready to rock and roll! Join award-winning high-octane quizzisist (it’s a thing) Alex Ranahan as he rocks your world with the amazing things that will happen this year, from avidly anticipated releases to around-the-world traditions, breakthrough technology, even to tournaments that’ll have you on the edge of your seat! All questions are multiple-choice so everyone can have a chance at winning! Game on! You’ll be gobsmacked at how different countries like to party. Who chucks water over girls at Easter? Which country is set to unveil the biggest archaeological museum ever created? Do you know what Donald Trump is planning next? You’ll need a laptop/tablet and either paper and pencil or a smartphone to play as we bring the power of interaction back to your fingertips using your mobile as your answerpad. Book now and make this a year to celebrate with the 2022: SO Much To Do Quiz! The winner takes it all!

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One-time access to the 2022: SO Much To Do Quiz! using the Speedquizzing Live app on your smartphone. Award-winning host included! Depending on the time allocated, the rounds are: • Films • Name That Song • Sport • Picture Round • General Knowledge • World Events • Watch The Clip • Single / multiple choice answer questions • Sequence questions The picture round can also have holiday bonus rounds including: • Valentine’s Day • Saint Patrick’s Day • Easter • Oktoberfest • Halloween • Christmas Bespoke holiday rounds can be created upon request! If using the Speedquizzing app, scores will be sent at the end of the game. Pictures can also be taken at the end of the game if desired. Rooms can be open 15 minutes before and after the event upon request. Host privileges can also be allocated at the end of the event to keep it open for longer.

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The 2022: SO Much To Do Quiz!

24 Oct 22

Alexranahan, Member since 1 year 5 months

Last Logged in: 1 year 1 month AGO
Activity Last Updated on: Oct 13, 2022

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