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Supercharge Your Squad! How To Motivate Your Team


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Discover what really gets people to do what they do, how you can unite your team towards your big picture vision, and how to create a flowing pipeline without needing to micromanage!

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Do you ever wish your team could just…be more like you? Wish they would put the extra effort in to get the job done to a high standard, rather than feeling like you have to push them to get anything done at all? Are you spending too much time working in the business instead of on the business? Trust me, I’ve been there. From starting out as a ‘seagull’ manager (fly in, squawk at everyone, leave a mess, then fly away) who would micromanage my team until I was blue in the face and spend all my time doing things myself to meet my standards, to being able to bring people onboard with my vision, automate processes without being there, and freeing myself up to focus on the real high leverage activities for exponential growth. I’ve made the mistakes so that together we can cut through the lies of human ego, turn your team from problem to passionate, and bring you results rather than ruin. I’m here to teach you what actually works and get you out of your own way. I’m here to help you win. Left to your own devices, you may double-down your efforts and burn yourself out, blow more money on some fancy organisation ‘productivity’ tool, and cost yourself even more precious resources from the cost of inaction because you could only rely on yourself, rather than dealing with the root cause of your problems. It’s time to make the impact that you know you’re capable of by empowering and supercharging your team, being able to free yourself from projects whilst knowing they will be taken care of effectively, and creating a company culture that bolsters you rather than burdens you. I’ll get you from crashing to smashing, and learning what you can take away and own: • How to align your team’s subconscious needs and value systems with your company culture and how you serve each other and others. • How to capitalise on your team’s strengths and weaknesses in a simple way that you can instantly apply, rather than just get paperwork on. • How to create a flowing pipeline that will pull people towards getting things done, rather than relying on willpower, discipline and external incentives. So you can transform from pleader to leader and turn your team work into dream work….rather than an absolute nightmare. Book me in now and see how just 20 minutes of fun can give you the tools to change your life. This is the moment where you can finally let go of the reins and trust your team to smash it out of the park, free yourself to step up your business to the next level, and reignite your passion for what you love rather than majoring in minor things again…or let your ego destroy all you’ve built, grind yourself into the ground, and lose out on the real success you know that you can achieve, because you had to do everything yourself.

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The workshop includes (and is not limited to): The 6 human needs Working out your Why to do anything Matching up value systems Internal vs external motivation Strategies of top sellers Questions customers ask themselves Changing your attitude How to develop rapport Human sorting strategies and metaprograms Keys to preparation Creating units of interest Handling objections Creating the Big Picture Vision Creating a company culture Raising your standards Ask better questions, get better answers Using stress to your advantage Stretching your goals Getting more done Using your position as leader to motivate people How people like to receive things and what they actually want to be rewarded with The 5 gears of communication and energy Personality tests Dealing with the 10 self-destructive saboteurs Who not how Getting the results you actually want Types of people that are drawn to a leader Types of people that others are drawn to Types of people to deal with Your fears as a leader Counter-productive leader behaviours Making things run smoothly Results-focused, purpose-driven, massive-action plan instead of a to-do list The success cycle The ultimate success formula Keeping a scorecard of personal success Identifying and creating A-players

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Supercharge Your Squad! How To Motivate Your Team

24 Oct 22

Alexranahan, Member since 11 months 3 weeks

Last Logged in: 7 months 1 week AGO
Activity Last Updated on: Oct 13, 2022

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