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You’re On Mute! Virtual Presentation Skills


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What is it all about?

Get the edge on your global competition by mastering virtual communication and maximising your presentation skills in the new world!

What Are You Doing

Have you ever tried to lead a game-changing presentation over MS Teams or Zoom, only to discover to your horror that it’s not just your internet that’s frozen? Don’t you wish you could have a professional on hand so you can take advantage of this new world? Trust me, I’ve been there. From starting out naively with a terrible connection and thinking that I could get away with just talking at the screen and be taken seriously, to becoming an award-winning virtual presenter, running a flourishing virtual events company, and engaging with thousands of people over video platforms. I’ve made all the mistakes so that together we can make you stand out, give you the real je-ne-c’est-quoi that comes from cross-pollination of psychology and entertainment, and make you the go-to person for this emerging field. I’m here to teach you what actually works and get you out of your own way. I’m here to help you win. Left to your own devices, you may continue doing what used to work before and just bore people senseless, make damaging changes to software you don’t truly understand, and miss this opportunity to instantly level up. It’s time to steam ahead in the internet revolution and make the impact that you know you’re capable of by mastering how to communicate virtually, get vital insights on the psychology of the new virtual workplace, and be trained by an expert in audience engagement. I’ll get you zooming ahead with your team’s presentations and learning what you can take away and own: • How to come across as prepared, professional, and iron out the kinks that catch everyone else out. • The shift in psychology and attention that can be turned into a superpower when communicating to people both at home and together in the workplace. • And how to generate the energy, precision, and engagement that can draw people in the same way as if you were in the spotlight on stage. So you can become the master of influence and rocket your communication to a whole new level. It’s time to take charge of the new normal - rather than putting your success on mute. Book me in now and see how just 20 minutes of fun can give you the tools to change your life. This is the moment where you can finally get ahead with worldwide communication skills that everyone is relying on, and catapult ahead in these unprecedented times…or fade into the background and remain silent as you watch other people take action and take your place in the conversation.

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The workshop includes (and is not limited to): Coming across as a professional Setting yourself up like a home studio Easy to follow, advanced Zoom technicals Putting yourself in the audience’s shoes Priming yourself to win Energising before the presentation Planning and structure of the presentation Making information simple and memorable The Pareto principle The unspoken rules of virtual and hybrid meetings Identifying and addressing your restrictions Body language, confidence, and your natural voice Pivots and calls to action

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You’re On Mute! Virtual Presentation Skills

24 Oct 22

Alexranahan, Member since 1 year 5 months

Last Logged in: 1 year 1 month AGO
Activity Last Updated on: Oct 13, 2022

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