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About Us

Bringing people together through local experiences

MyHolidayActivities is the vision of one person who had the desire to bring people together to share memories and spread happiness to each other. Pursuing that mission, myHolidayActivities is established for people who want to make a side hustle with no cuts.                              

We connect people who are seeking unique and immersive local experiences with our local hosts exclusively in London and all over the UK.                                                                                                                           

Our Mission

Our mission is to help local guides and passionates to earn some extra cash with no commission cuts. On the other side, we strive to provide top-notch guides and local hosts to our guests who can bring well-crafted tours, unique experiences, and excursions alongside managing to provide a safer environment for both guests and hosts.

Why Choose Us?

Filter out to your ideal fit

myHolidayActivities is a user-friendly platform where users can experience the world like locals. Explore and search online or offline activities with just one click. Activities published by our Activity providers have detailed information. You can dig into details at one glance.

Book and Earn with Confidence

We keep your info safe, and confidential and follow security standards to process your payments. We provide a secure platform for both Hosts and Holiday Goers


We truly care about you! We showcase everything about our hosts. Our Activity Hosts are verified, members. You can explore their profiles, reviews, and other relevant information before booking an activity with them.

We Help you to grow your Business

We provide a platform where you can earn money by publishing and hosting activities. Here at myHolidayActivities, we strongly believe in you; the creativity, hard work, and integrity you bring to the table. We encourage that “Can Do” attitude - the Self-Motivated soul - the Courageous Fighter.


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