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How it works for Activity Hosts

Love to travel and explore the world? but passionate about work!

Be part of our hosts' team. We’ve got a huge mission, an incredible team of activity providers. But it’s not just about myHolidayActivities’ s growth, it’s about yours.
If you’re already a skilled host, welcome back! To start hosting online, you’ll need to create an entirely new experience and publish it.

Show What you Know!

Activities of every kind, like cooking, rafting, kayaking, camping, trekking, and more. There’s no limit to what you can do. Be part of our Tribes. Explore our featured Tribes

Sign Up to Host your Business

To engage with Holiday Goers online and start your listing. You need to sign up as Activity Host. Your profile page is how people know about you. Make a good first impression by emphasizing your expertise and adding high-quality photos. Complete your profile and carry the required verification(s) to increase your credibility. (Click here to Sign up as an Activity Host)

Create your Online or In-person Activity.

Create and curate a unique, alluring activity people want to try. Do what you love to do and get paid. Make money without it feeling like a job.

Set up and prepare yourself for Hosting

For in-person activities, you can select a location that signifies you and your activity and begin planning for your camera set-up, lighting, and sound. You can also start off getting acquainted with the Zoom meetings to prepare yourself for online activities.

We’ve got your back in every step

We provide tools tailored to you. A dashboard to track your bookings and sales, exposure to guests from all over the UK and EU through search and filters, seamless payments, and much more.

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