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We’ve introduced an affordable platform with advanced features for Holiday Makers and Guests to make their weekends alluring and adventurous.

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All tools at one place to manage your activities and track your sales


You’re your own boss. Yes! myHolidayActivities gives you freedom to choose your own rates, schedules, and discounts. You can also publish multiple activities with myHolidayActivities Platform.

User-Friendly Platform

An optimized UI for everyone. You can publish your activities with simple steps. An easy-going sales dashboard and booking management system. myHolidayActivities.com is truly a friend in need for all Activity Providers.

Zoom/Skype Integration

Make your and others’ weekend alluring by providing online Activities. With Zoom/Skype integration, you can host your activities at home. Auto-generated meetings by sharing the link and asking to join seamlessly.

Customer Relationship Management

Managing the good relationship with your customers, managing activities, rescheduling, and making refunds if needed; all contribute to the CRM. We urge Activity Hosts to utilize this feature to its full potential by making your activity buyers feel comfortable.

Confirmation and Reminders

At myHolidayActivities, we care about you. Along with receiving booking/cancellation confirmations and reminders. You can also send personal messages to Thrill Users through our integrated messenger.

5-Step Verification

To ensure trustworthiness and reliability, we have a 5-Step Verification process for our Activity Hosts. By completing this 5-Step Verification you can create a positive impression and enhanced credibility for Thrill Users.

Sales Dashboard

View your progress and check your Activity Statistics with just one click. You can control all the features and review your performance easily.


A reminder through an email is good but receiving it via SMS is better. You will get all updates regarding your bookings, payments, cancellations, or any other important information on your mobile.

Payment Options

myHolidayActivities provides different payment options for withdrawing payments. Activity Hosts receive payments at an agreed time via bank account. We act as escrow on securing payments through our online payment system.

Exceptional Interactive Environment

With myHolidayActivities through online experiences, you can create an amazing and alluring environment by chatting, hosting by video calling and sharing screens.

Discount Codes

Activity Hosts can offer discounts to boost their sales and promote themselves. We duly support and encourage such incentives. You can also share your activities on social media accounts or blogs.

User-friendly optimised UI 

It is the most user-friendly interface created to help every kind of person. You can also experience all features of the dashboard and management of booking/classes via mobile phone or tablet because of optimization.


This is the most unique feature we have for our Activity Host. You can mark attendance after hosting the activity session in order to track the progress. With this, you can also track the number of thrill users attending your sessions. You can then devise your strategies accordingly.

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